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 From left to right: Adam McHeffey, vocals, guitar and banjo;  Kari Spieler, vocals and guitar; Shaun Savage, electric bass.

For a moment the room is silent, hanging on to a heart-wrenching ballad. Then, in just a few chords the crowd is swept back on their feet again, dancing, smiling and getting lost in the energy emanating from this dynamic band. Kari Spieler’s voice, rich in tone and powerful in delivery, weaves through her and Adam McHeffey’s collaborative songwriting and guitar playing. Shaun Savage’s creative output on the bass guitar (and often three-part harmony) makes the partnership of story and sound complete. Collectively these artists, known as Swear and Shake, bring an experience to the stage—a combination of truthful lyrics; passionate performance, and an easy acoustic narrative. 

“I’ve only seen a few artists bring a room to a hush, only to have their audience hooping and hollering moments later, and these four talented Yankees have joyfully mastered their ability to do so. By the end of the first song, we were out of our seats and upfront. Strangers instantly became neighbors as the entire venue was swept up in the action.” – The Blue Indian

Perhaps the energy the audience absorbs comes from the long history band members Kari, Adam, and Shaun share. From their early days writing from Brooklyn bedrooms to their current home of Nashville, TN, these artists have grown together personally, professionally, and sonically. Their history has inevitably influenced their musical journey, and their performance invites fans to become a part of it.

The powerful presence of Swear and Shake has landed them shows directly supporting a number of notable acts, including The Lumineers, Delta Rae, American Authors, G. Love and Special Sauce, and ZZ Ward.

Swear and Shake will be releasing their second LP, "The Sound of Letting Go," in spring 2017, which is available for pre-order via PledgeMusic.